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Winning on Mobile Webinar by App Annie with key speaker from Amanotes

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

On May 12th, Robert Vu, our Head of Publishing, was the keynote speaker at App Annie’s Webinar. Our team had the opportunity to share interesting insights for Business Growth and User Acquisition. The webinar was a success with 129 attendees. Out of those who were surveyed, 85% agreed that this was helpful and 61% would be willing to recommend it to others.

Amanotes’ introduction at Winning on Mobile Webinar – Image Courtesy of App Annie (2020)

According to App Annie, the first quarter of 2020 saw the sub-genre of music and rhythm games reaching the 4th position, with growth over the last quarter of 11%. This has been highlighted by Robert to be a significant expansion ever since he joined the company in 2017. The industry of music-based games was utterly limited back then, with merely 2% contribution to the whole mobile entertainment landscape. Nevertheless, Amanotes has relentlessly pushed the boundaries for this segment, garnering its attention as of today. For Q1-2020, Amanotes has been ranked by App Annie to be the #1 Game Company by worldwide downloads.

Image courtesy: App Annie (2020)

Robert shared the dilemma of Amanotes executive board in the early phase of company development, whether to follow the trend or go small-scale with a focused product and polish it to reach the niche market. Needless to say, Amanotes chose the latter path and led its success up till now. Along the way, the company used its unique positioning in music-based mechanics, leveraged improved marketing and monetization strategy to push the games to the market efficiently.

Our Publishing hero also shared some illustrative examples of choosing the right apps to launch using App Annie’s insights. A mapping of the industry’s releases showed the potential for spin-off games with relation to the user’s lifetime cycle. Some notable cases highlighted the hit-ability of spin-off games if released at the appropriate time, either not long after the successful reach of the original concept or after multiple modifications and improvements.

Some short-lived spin-offs are also risky for businesses as too many of them can also result in a lower user retention rate over time. Yet, learning the curve is essential to expect and modify the product to match with the existing resources. In this webinar, Robert also discussed in detail the implications of analytics in a dynamic tech business like Amanotes. He pointed out misconceptions about analytics being just numbers without a concrete and extensive meaning, which he clarified to be totally untrue. In order to fully facilitate hard data to your advantage, it’s critical to look over its simple implications (such as the first day retention rate being 50% and setting it as a benchmark for success is a total data misinterpretation) and closely monitor for a comprehensive picture. Watch the full Webinar here for more valuable takeaways: With the mobile market constantly growing, it’s challenging to break through and make your name on the charts. That’s why Amanotes is here to give a helping hand with our expertise in app development, marketing planning as well as monetization strategy. We’re confident that we can achieve great heights together with your awesome products!

If you need more insights from our experts or want to share your brilliant app ideas, please feel free to say hi at

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18 aug. 2023

I've always admired the insights that App Annie brings to the table, especially when it comes to mobile trends. Adding a key speaker from Amanotes, a renowned name in the mobile world, just amplifies the excitement for the 'Winning on Mobile' webinar. It reminds me of the dynamism you'd expect from a top-tier game development studio, always pushing the boundaries and seeking growth. I'm sure anyone attending will come away with a wealth of knowledge and actionable strategies for mobile success.


08 aug. 2023




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