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Amanotes, the music game pioneer, won Great Place to Work certification

We are proudly announcing to be on the list of Great Place to Work companies. This is the first time Amanotes participated in the global standard survey and successfully passed the Trust index survey to get the certification.

The certification is based on the independent and confidential survey designed and validated by “Great Place to Work”. As a result, Amanotes was evaluated by 87% of employees as a positive working environment, and 90% of our teammates agreed that this is a great place to work, nearly 2 times higher than the typical market practice (source from Great place to work website). Besides, the survey result highlights the highly trusted work environment where employees feel safe, equal, fun, and proud.

(source: from Great Place to Work)

Since the establishment, we have always strived for an ideal working environment that fosters learning and development culture, enabling all team members to perform at their best. Here, we build the culture with music as the center of our products and the heart of our engagement initiatives.

Read more about Amanotes in Great Place to Work website here

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lekor adams
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