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Interview of Phuc, Senior Content Specialist at Amanotes

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Music is the core of all of Amanotes games and products. Over the past 5 years, our company has developed strong expertise in enhancing the player experience through music content. We have interviewed Phuc, Senior Content Specialist at Amanotes to further understand how music contributes to the success of our games and to answer some of the questions often asked by our partners.

What are the tangible benefits of implementing music into a game?

First of all, as a general rule, music makes everything better! Take the example of a ride in a bus: the scenery passes along the noise of the street in a dull undifferentiated time sequence. Once you put on your earphones and start playing music, the jogger you see through the window will seem livelier, bouncing on the beat. The post office you see every day will turn into a colorful piece of art or a melancholic monument depending on the genre you are listening to. Music enables us to have a more engaging and differentiated experience for the listener, in our case the player.

“Music enables us to have a more engaging and differentiated experience for the player”

More concretely in the gaming market, there are three main benefits. Upstream in the game lifecycle, music is a great tool to come up with innovative game concepts in a market that have become very competitive. Through music, we are now able to increase the retention of our games up to 17%, by implementing or improving musicalization. In the long run, music is also a great way to increase the product lifecycle by refreshing the hit songs to keep the players hooked.

Does the music fit all types of gameplay or concepts?

Depending on the degree of musicalization, the impact on the game metrics will be higher or lower. For example, synchronizing the action of a game with the beats will be way more engaging than adding adequate background music and good sound effects. That is why we encourage our partners to work with us from the ideation phase to link the music to the core gameplay.

However, over the past 5 years, we have developed many techniques to input music into a game from visual synch, obstacle generation to unlock complimentary tracks. We are confident that we can musicalize about 9 games out of 10 while bringing value to the player.

“We encourage our partners to work with us from ideation”

To know more about our musicalization techniques, contact us

What are the steps to implement music into a game?

When there is deep synch between the music and the core gameplay, the game designer will create a set of rules to make the link between the music and the game. Our content team will then select the most appropriate songs based on the game target and produce midi files following those rules. At the same time, our licensing team will acquire the licenses of the titles. Over the years we have created and perfected an internal tool we call the music reader to facilitate music integration within the game.

Any message to game developers out there?

Come work with us! Working as a game developer, your job is to bring your wildest idea to life. If you also like music, you have the opportunity to ally those 2 passions in 1 project. We are happy to work with people sharing the same passions!

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