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Music by Amanoters: Experience “Harla” by our beloved Amanoter, BeeBB

“Harla” is a brand new track by BeeBB (ft M NAIVE) that marks the debut of US Records. After 3 years of working at Amanotes, BeeBB believes that it will be surprisingly amazing to be able to have his "brainchild" in the company's products and games. His song is heard by millions of users, and both of his dedicated works Amanotes self and music self collided by this special collaboration.

BeeBB, music specialist by day, magic producer by night.

His mission is driving force behind Amanotes Music operation excellency and be the ambassador of our goal to deliver the Magical music experience to everybody through bringing music to our products and drive innovations from music

Also, BeeBB is a familiar name in the Vietnamese electronic music industry with many hits and collaborations with big names like JustaTee, Andree Right Hand, Hoang Thuy Linh,... Inspired by Skrillex and Touliver, BeeBB started his musical journey in 2012 with dubstep-bass music. As a member of Jaunty Maniacs, BeeBB and his team have made many impressions in the domestic electronic music world in 2017 and 2018.

The composing inspiration conveyed in “HARLA”

Harla is about the power of intrinsic connection. Sometimes we forget to connect with ourselves and that helps us to see things that are much more amazing. This collaboration between BeeBB and M NAIVE brings the song with a positive message, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have time to slow down, feel more about ourselves as well as everything in life. And especially having time to connect with our intrinsic soul.

The exclusive track available in all Amanotes games

"The connection between music and Amanotes is something that cannot be described in words. This has been an ambition that I've desired for a long time, and I'm thrilled that my brainchild is released across all of the Amanotes games. The feeling when I and my friends are joining in my own music is quite indescribable, it is intertwined with excitement, joy, and pride.

At Amanotes, you will learn not only about music or music production techniques, but also interesting stories, new experiences, new knowledge and skills in many related fields. Meeting and working with everyone at Amanotes brought me so much joy and honor. It’s indeed a huge and valuable differentiator to any company out there, it’s become my second home!", shared BeeBB.

Are you ready for a breaking milestone like BeeBB? Join us.

To find out more information about BeeBB, M NAIVE, and US Records as well as keep track of available music products and new releases in the near future, please visit here.


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