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Video Game Art Styles

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

The art style makes an important contribution to the success of a game. In this article, I would like to introduce popular art styles in successful games and hope to help you have more art style choices when starting a new game.

Abstract Art

Abstract art does not use images of real objects but only basic geometric blocks. The advantage is simple, easy to do, can be generated without the help of the artist.

Games that require high accuracy and need to check collision precisely often use this art style.

Abstract art is so simple, so it looks decent and clean. Modern style in the direction of minimalist design is very suitable.

Test only / ASCII Art

Dark Room

The game uses only words to describe events in the game. ASCII Art is a picture formed by characters as you see in the above version.

Flat style

Dumb way to die

Without 3D effects and gradients, using basic colors creates a simple modern style. Unlike abstract, it is possible to use real character images rather than using basic images.

Pixel Art

Tower Fall Ascension

This art style is a nostalgic and retro arcade game so many people like it. However, nowadays Pixel art uses a lot of techniques to refresh themselves such as richer color system, dynamic lighting effects, particle effect… The remaining is the big pixels creating funny characters.

Film Noir


Using black-and-white images to create a slightly grisly dark atmosphere in the game. Using the black frame for terrain characters and obstacles makes the game look so cool.

Some other games also use this art style: Badland, Shadow Fight. However, these 2 games use a color background and the background is drawn in great detail.


Heroes Charge

This style usually attracts Asian gamers with bold strokes, slender strokes, cute animations. European gamers often prefer extraordinary characters to Chibi.

Cel 3D shading


Using the 3D model to simulate hand-drawn images. Okami is a good example. The game is 3d but has the same style as the ancient Japanese paintings, it’s amazing.


Darkest Dungeon

The dark and bloody Gothic style set in medieval times with the theme of killing pain. When looking at Gothic-style games, we will feel very creepy. Some games that exploit the story of stories of horror and fear will often use this theme. Typically, Darkest Dungeon, Resident Evil, Bloodborne.

Neon Style

Geometry Wars 3

Using dark backgrounds and bright edges like Neon lights create an extremely eye-catching art style.


Crossy Road

Crossy Road created the trend of using art style voxel for the game. From simple squares to make the world look beautiful and beautiful. You can liken Voxel but the pixel art of the 3D world.

Scribble / Doodle

Doodle Jump

With doodle strokes, Doodle style creates a sense of innocence close to childhood. If you want to make games for kids or want to download some games for your kids, you should use this style game.

By Luong Quang Ha

Project Owner of Amanotes

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