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Amanotes and TheFatRat collab to launch electrifying new track “HUNGER” across top music games

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Gaming Music artist TheFatRat, in releasing his latest electrifying hit, “HUNGER”' across our top games. In a remarkable display of generosity, TheFatRat has pledged to donate all the profits from "HUNGER" to support children in Manila in their pursuit of education through the Purple Community Fund.

“HUNGER” debuted simultaneously in our top-charting games on May 10th. Players of popular music games such as Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, and Dancing Road, among others, were treated to the pulsating beats and infectious melodies of “HUNGER”. This synchronized release across multiple apps showcases the strong bond between TheFatRat and Amanotes, further cementing our commitment to delivering exceptional interactive music experiences to a global audience.

“HUNGER” is available in all Amanotes apps
“HUNGER” is available in all Amanotes apps

"HUNGER" is the continuation of TheFatRat's story that began in "Out Of The Rain", focusing on two siblings living under dire circumstances in a futuristic city. The younger brother possesses creative abilities, while the older sister is a fierce protector, despite desiring peace. TheFatRat envisioned the artwork for this song with the main characters living in trash mountains and while looking for inspirational images he found the Manila trash mountains, where children and their families live in the fuming, malodorous, and often poisonous trash. This prompted him to take action by pairing up with Jane from the Purple Community Fund to improve education opportunities for children in Manila, recognizing that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

HUNGER album cover
HUNGER album cover

Notably, TheFatRat's generosity extends beyond the release of "HUNGER". By donating all the profits from the song, TheFatRat aims to provide children in Manila with access to education through Purple Community Funding. This generous initiative showcases the shared values of Amanotes and TheFatRat, highlighting our dedication to making a positive impact on society and supporting underprivileged communities. Each 50 Euro a month supports one child to go to school and the long-term goal is to help every child in the landfills. You can find more info about the charity and make a contribution at this link:

Silver Nguyen, our co-founder, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "Our partnership with TheFatRat not only brings artists and listeners closer together but also serves as a meaningful step towards making a positive impact on the world. Through this collaboration, we aspire to contribute to the greater cause of spreading charitable efforts and hope our small contribution can make a significant difference."

TheFatRat's catchy musical style, blended with Amanotes' expertise in creating immersive interactive music gameplay experiences, promises to fulfill gaming and EDM lovers. This partnership marks the continuation of a successful collaboration between Amanotes and TheFatRat, following their previous chart-topping hits that garnered millions of streams and fan admiration. Top TheFatRat EDM hits now available on Amanotes games are Unity, Monody, The Calling, No No No.

In a statement, TheFatRat expressed his excitement about partnering with Amanotes once again: "I’m thrilled to partner with Amanotes once again, releasing "HUNGER" in their popular games - Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, Dancing Road, to name a few. It’s always a pleasure to see them turn my music into interactive experiences, giving it a completely new dimension."

This partnership between Amanotes and TheFatRat exemplifies the power of blending music and gaming to create unique entertainment experiences. "HUNGER" sets the stage for an electrifying journey that will resonate with fans of both TheFatRat and Amanotes' games.

Play TheFatRat hits in our top game - Magic Tiles 3!

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