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Tiles Hop: The journey to 500M+ downloads

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

We’re happy to share that this early August our flagship game, Tiles Hop has hit 500 million downloads across iOS, Android, and other supporting devices. Tiles Hop consistently reigns at Top 5 most downloaded Music Games in both App Store and Google Play since 2018. This AMA BEATS issue will shed a light on Tiles Hop's journey & key success that it achieved.

How did Tiles Hop begin?

Tiles Hop’s very first versions were named “Beat Hopper”, a product of Inwave Studio with a very simple ball bouncing mechanic. Not until Inwave meets Amanotes in 2017, did the game that was thought to be discontinued received a fresh “makeover”. In 2018, it was relaunched under the title “Tiles Hop” and it skyrocketed on the music games chart globally. Ever since Inwave and Amanotes have continued to strengthen and enhance the partnership to bring this game to the next level.

Factors that make us to archived 500M+ Downloads

Fine-tuning in design Gaming: Simple Music Game

Tiles Hop is built surrounded by different meticulous design elements, ranging from space, and obstacles to characters and targets. The space that the game encompasses covers from 2D, 2.5D to even 3D, which makes the playing experience very lively and captivating.

Tiles Hop follows the simple and casual aesthetics that attract millions of users worldwide. The ball represents the character & the target is to hop in the center of the tiles, syncing with the beat and not dropping the ball before the song ends.

Polishing your expertise: The secret sauce to success

Making a product distinctive in a fiercely competitive industry like mobile gaming is always a challenge. The starting step for us is looking back at our capacity, what we’re good at and how to maximize our resources. This helps tremendously in fine-tuning the pathway to reach your target users. Being able to leverage our strength in music experience makes Amanotes stand out in a crowded market.

With a dedicated team equipped with a deep understanding of music experience, we use songs and interaction with the music elements as the main factors to attract and retain users, leading to longer product life cycles than hyper-casual games in general.

Our approach revolves around improving the in-app listening experience and updating our music library while developing new growth drivers. For reaching new users, we’re always testing, calibrating, and optimizing to reach as many markets as possible.

Never stop perfecting the product: The ladder bounces up firmly step by step

Many publishers and studios dream of producing the perfect app that gets millions of active users. For us, perfect is a process. The first version is never the perfect version, hence, it’s necessary to keep improving and enriching the experiences of users along the way. Our products in the past years have gone through many ups and downs.

The Bottom Line

The music gaming industry will continue to expand with many more initiatives from different competitors. The future for Tiles Hop opens endless possibilities for us to analyze and get insight from users better, and also an opportunity to build a platform that connects music and gaming lovers together.

"Not resting on our laurels, we’ll treat this product as an ongoing journey to challenge and improve ourselves. With such a fierce market in music gaming at the moment, the task of sustaining in the top 10 charts is becoming increasingly complex."

shared Dung Nguyen, CEO of Inwave Studio. “To consolidate our position, we always try to continuously experience new features as well as collaborate with Amanotes in musicalizing gaming experiences”.

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12. März 2023

Tiles hop is the best game! I love it best when it gets updates I know it may be new themes bug fixes or something that's gonna be really cool! I can't wait for the 5.0.0 update I know it's gonna be big!

Gefällt mir

04. Feb. 2023

hello i want to play tile hop

Gefällt mir


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