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Amanotes Crowned Best Music Game Publisher at Sensor Tower APAC Awards 2023

We are thrilled to announce our winning of the prestigious Best Music Game Publisher title at the highly acclaimed Sensor Tower APAC Awards 2023.

The title "Best Music Game Publisher" is recognition for Amanotes' efforts in developing interactive music game products.

This prestigious award is based on the trusted data and insights collected by Sensor Tower.

Compared to companies in the same category, Amanotes has achieved the highest total downloads, surpassing 3 billion across 190 countries and territories.

Amanotes has established a reputation for its commitment to delivering interactive music experiences while consistently pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming. Since 2017, Amanotes has held the title of top music game publisher globally, attributed to significant investments in musicalization technology, an extensive licensed music library, and prominent partnerships.

Amanotes secured the title of Best Music Game Publisher as the result of realizing the vision of building Interactive Music Games and Apps. With a portfolio of 25 music games enjoyed by users across the globe, we have made a significant impact on the mobile gaming industry. Titles such as Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, and the latest addition, Duet Cats, have consistently captivated players with their iconic gameplay mechanics and engaging music experience. This Feb 2024, bestowed upon Magic Tiles 3 the prestigious title of #1 Global Hyper-Casual Music Game, while Duet Cats earned the impressive #5 spot in Mobile Performance Score (a metric by, focusing on Acquisition, Sentiment, and Engagement).

Magic Tiles 3 earns the title of "Global's No. 1 Hyper-Casual Music Game", recognized for its simple gameplay and extensive music store.

"We are honored to be recognized as the Best Music Game Publisher by Sensor Tower APAC Awards 2023," said Annabel, Head of LiveOps. "At Amanotes, we strive to create the best interactive music experiences that resonate with players worldwide. This award is not only a validation of our hard work but also a tremendous source of motivation for the future. Moving forward, we are excited to explore new horizons by expanding into hybrid casual games, offering even more diverse experiences to our users."

The Sensor Tower APAC Awards 2023 highlight the contributions of outstanding mobile publishers from the APAC region, providing valuable insights into the evolving landscape of mobile gaming and app development.

Amanotes aims for both business growth and a unique music-inspired workplace culture, essential for its global success.

This award reaffirms Amanotes' global impact and leadership role in the mobile gaming industry. Amanotes is the pioneer in sync licensing, paving the path for incorporating licensed music into mobile games. In line with this, the company has initiated impactful campaigns aimed at empowering the artist community, such as HIPHOPGOLD in 2023, designed to support the Hip-Hop community and assist local artists in reaching global audiences. 

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