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How to start your Game Design career?

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

I wrote quite a bit about the theory of making games. However, if you do not have practical experience, it will be unfavorable. In addition, there are many people who want to participate in Game Industry in general and Game Design in particular but they are still hesitating about how the industry is going. Hence, I wrote this article hoping that you will be clear about the way of making your own game.

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1. Are there many opportunities for a Game Design job?

Currently, there are many opportunities, but in the future, there will be more space. There are 3 main game centers across the country: Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Hanoi. Other provinces still have a few teams that make games but these three cities are the leading place in making games. The people in the province can move to the above cities to start their game career.

2. What is the specific function of game design?

The specific function of a game design job is giving ideas and writing documents and coordinating with other teammates in the team to make the game for publishing.

3. I don’t know anything about it, where should I start?

As long as you play a lot of games, you have a great chance to join this industry. In the beginning, you can follow the blogs and the Facebook page for a more general understanding of the design.

About the game designers’ experiences and job opportunities – LINK

Other useful foreign sites:

So there is the general knowledge about Game Design, now what are you waiting for? Send your CV to recruitment sites. Here is the dramatic part, work is a lot, but where to find works?

Method 1: Indeed, Vietnam work, ITviec

– First of all, check this page:

Type “Game Design” into “What” and type in the address you want to work into “Where”. So you will receive mail every day at indeed from a variety of sources.

Other similar pages:

There are also other recruitment pages for the game industry – LINK

Do not hesitate to send a CV because the requirement of Game Design also does not require many experiences, this industry just looks for highly motivated individuals with the anxiety of learning.

Method 2: Sign up for a LinkedIn account This is a professional network. There are many employers here so you can contact them to get a job.

In addition, you can find your dream job at Amanotes. Many job opportunities related to game design are opening now at Amantes! Please take the time to research our recruitment ( to orient your passion and career!

All of your hard work will pay off. Just try yourself!

By Luong Quang Ha

Project Owner of Amanotes

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