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How to come up with new game concepts? (Part 1)

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

The hyper-casual game landscape has become more and more competitive over the past few years. As hit games now require more polished art, mechanics, features than before, having a good game concept is key to limit the number of unsuccessful prototypes, thus save time and resources. Here are some practical tips to find your new ideas.

Think of the great feelings to convey into your game

Great feelings often come from the small stuffs. Identify and translate them smoothly into your game!

Find trendy themes or common conversation topics

Who is the hypercasual player? Everybody! So what does everybody likes or is fascinated about?

Dig into your past

In fashion or in games, retro and nostalgia always work. Find your best childhood games memories and turn them into pixels.

And you, what inspiration source will be your next hit?

For the second part of this series of articles, we’ll share how to better specify your game concepts once you have an inspiration point!

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