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Carl Cox releases exclusive track in Magic Tiles 3

Exciting news coming this month as we unveiled a brand new track by the legendary House DJ, Carl Cox! The song titled "THE CATERPILLAR" is now available to play in Magic Tiles 3.

The collaboration marks the very first time an artist dropped their new single in Amanotes apps. Our team couldn't be happier to share a unique playing experience to the addictive rhythm of this House jam.

“Everything I do is about sharing music. New technology like this allows us to experience music in different ways and for artists and music lovers to connect through a shared passion,” shared Carl Cox.

This collaboration was planned by us and Carl Cox's team to develop a remarkable campaign about music integration in gaming. This partnership also makes way for many more aspiring artists to introduce interactive music content with Amanotes.

“Music will always be a big part of us, and we’re lucky to enhance the listening experience through our products. We’re elated to be the platform to release a brand new track from Carl Cox. With more collaborations like this in the pipeline, we hope to bring the best interactive experiences for music lovers worldwide,” said Silver Nguyen, our Co-founder and CPO.

Watch this new video to get previews of the track:

Music lovers worldwide can now play "THE CATERPILLAR" by Carl Cox exclusively on Magic Tiles 3, available on both iOS and Android.

Check it out:

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