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Beat Blader 3D: rising music game star from Amanotes

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Listen up our avid music lovers!

There is a new hit music game in town, and it’s Beat Blader 3D: Dash and Slash!

#1 Spot in Music Game

Beat Blader 3D uses a familiar mechanism that we always find in runner game. The player earns points as they drag the cyberpunk-styled character from left to right to slash the glowing cubes and avoid obstacles. The game’s extensive library of 2000 licensed songs is classified into Easy, Medium, Hard to help users adjust and start out with their preferred level of difficulty. This intuitive gameplay matched with stunning visuals is surely captivating to large groups of music game lovers.

Beat Blader 3D: Dash and Slash ranking as of September 22, 2020

In just one month, our new star got over 2 Million downloads and climbed up to the #1 spot of Music Game on App Store and Google Play Store. It also reached the top 5 best Overall App in many countries – what an achievement!

Enhance the song, not deconstruct it

Let us reveal the secret of how our game became so successful: What sets the game apart from others is its ability to improve the song as the users play. As the character moves and slashes, the cubes come with the drums and bass added on top of the original instrumental, making the sound come out much more pleasant. Beat Blader 3D didn’t follow the same path of adding automated sound effects that other game publishers are taking. Instead, we tackled the issue with a music-oriented mindset, as we always did at Amanotes.

“Imagine closing your eyes listening to your friends playing any other slashing beat runner game. Instead of having a smooth listening experience to the song that you love, you will hear a mixture of “exploding” or “destroying” sound effects. We eliminate this problem in Beat Blader 3D by getting talented producers to remix and custom add the drum sounds. That way, the users can really “listen” to the song as they play and I think that’s the key to improving our user experience,” Patrick Pham, Music Content Specialist of Amanotes shared.

Download Beat Blader 3D: Dash and Slash on iOS and Android.

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