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Welcome to Cadenverse!

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

We are proud to announce our brand new business: Cadenverse - a decentralized music distribution and game platform powered by blockchain technology.

In this music multiverse, we seek to enable players and their characters to freely explore, create and play with music through different universes.

As our team here always strive to do greater things with music, Cadenverse is proudly Amanotes’ project to take enjoying music to the next level! We hope this new initiative will deliver AMAzing metaverse experience to music lovers worldwide while staying true to our vision: “Everyone can Music”.

Inspired by the word “Cadenza”, Cadenverse is promised to bring out brilliant interactive experiences to users while ensuring transparency and fair payment to content artists in the ecosystem. Aiming to deliver the best music experience, Cadenverse creates a fun environment where users will either “play to earn” as players or “create to earn” as content artists.

Shifting from the core team of Amanotes who developed the hit game Magic Tiles 3, Vinh Hoang is now the CEO of Cadenverse.

“Taking the expertise from our Amanotes family, Cadenverse will incorporate entertaining gamified experiences with newly added blockchain-powered features for users to play, create, and earn with music products,” shared Vinh.

With this newly founded business, our team here at Amanotes is committed to a future of much more exciting interactive music content, crossing borders and platforms. This new partnership will enable Amanotes to expand our ecosystem to the promising field of blockchain-powered games that are taking the world by storm.

The first project of Cadenverse will start by launching an NFT music game before evolving towards a music creation and distribution platform. We’ll see you again with more updates on how to be a part of this immersive Cadenverse.

Check out Cadenverse on these channels:

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