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Play BLACKPINK, BIG BANG & iKON on Amanotes games!

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

K-Pop fans unite! This is your time to update Amanotes apps to play to the most addictive tunes from BLACKPINK, BIG BANG, and iKON!

#AmanotesxYG is coming: we’ve partnered with YG Entertainment in bringing you the hottest K-Pop songs in our games! Get ready to play to “Playing with Fire” by BLACKPINK, “BANG BANG BANG” by BIG BANG, “Love Scenario” and “Killing Me” by iKON on some of our hit apps, including Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, and Dancing Road. These four K-pop hits are being rolled out in over 15 games, available in more than 100 countries and territories worldwide.

What is K-Pop?

K-Pop stands for Korean Pop Music. This cultural product is undoubtedly one of the most sizable success stories of Hallyu (Korean Wave). As the world streamed over 134 billion minutes of K-Pop music so far on Spotify, there seem to be no language boundaries in enjoying music. Across 98 nations, the Korean Foundation in joint with the South Korean Foreign Ministry identified 1,799 Hallyu fan clubs with 99.32 million fans, as of December 2019. So, by bringing K-Pop content to our apps, we wish to join in this sensational wave and deliver the best musical experience to global music lovers.

Why YG Entertainment?

YG Entertainment is one of the biggest names in the Korean entertainment industry. The company houses top artists like BLACKPINK, BIG BANG, iKON, etc., with millions of fans worldwide. Amanotes is proud to introduce the partnership with this global powerhouse, with four licensed songs introduced in over 15 apps.

Play away:

Don’t forget to show your top scores with #AmanotesxYG!

What K-Pop songs should we include next in our apps!? Let us know on Facebook & Twitter!

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Marife Mejoy
Marife Mejoy
Apr 27

I love it



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