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How do we nurture our talented engineers?

At Amanotes, we pave the way to provide the best practice so that our employees can become the best version of themselves. Meet our excellent teammate Hai Do from the Music team to learn about his wonderful journey at Amanotes.

1. What is your journey with Amanotes?

I joined Amanotes via the referral program and was empowered by the company's vision. From the beginning, I knew Amanotes was my destiny as I had a very good, inspiring leader who was willing to listen and made room for my development.

2. What is the most challenging project you have taken over?

It’d be the project we worked on with Amazon and Google Cloud. The purpose of this ambitious project is to create and maintain the server for over 2,5 billion users worldwide and more than 120M monthly active users. We have to set up the servers worldwide, from Europe to South America with unlimited access and data synchronization. This global cooperation equipped me with many valuable experiences both in professional and personal skills. Amanotes in cooperation with Amazone also provided vital training and classes to up-skill the employees for this and many upcoming projects.

3. What is the most ambitious project that you have worked on?

Using deep learning to automatically detect and recognize the music notes. This is one of the strategic projects that we are investing in to improve the user experience.

4. How is your music journey at Amanotes?

Amanotes fulfills my passion for both tech and music. Before Amanotes, I used to be a guitarist, after that, Amanotes allowed me to become a pianist. I attended many free piano classes and also have a budget to buy a brand new piano. Especially, I’m planning to play Kalimba. Why not if the company already sponsored the instrument? Music-filled environment connects and inspires me to become a better version of myself.

5. What distinguishes Amanotes tech working environment from others?

Transparent and frequent communication. At Amanotes, mutual discussion with other teams about planning, researching, and analyzing is a unique point. There is no hierarchy in the communication process. Imagine how cool it is, if you're a coder, you're not supposed to code all the time! It's also about involvement and making decisions through 2-way communication and exchanging ideas. Besides, Amanotes value a friendly working environment where we embrace unity and uplift each other

6. What is your biggest lesson and advice to the freshers in Tech?

Put yourself in a working environment that allows you to experience the whole product life cycle. This enables you to observe your career in the big picture. If your job also offers a chance to work with a huge amount of end-users, don't miss it! And don't forget to update yourself every day with a growth mindset.

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