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It's time to utilize your social networks!

We're happy to announce that from now on our EMPLOYEE REFERRAL PROGRAM not only applies to Amanoters but also non-Amanoters. That means everyone (external/internal) can refer to their network to join Amanotes and receive a bonus as a reward according to the referee's journey.



The total bonus will be divided into 3 bonus rounds for you to easily hunt!


The referrer will receive a bonus (in NET) on the last day of the month when:

  • Candidate passes the Final Interview round;

  • Candidate onboards at Amanotes;

  • Candidate once the candidate signs a full-time contract with Amanotes.


  • The bonus for a candidate will be paid to one referrer. If there is a duplicate of a candidate referred by more than one referrer, the bonus will be paid to the first referrer to submit information to Amanotes recruitment team

  • The bonus will be paid by bank transfer to the beneficiary account which is registered while referring

  • The cut-off time is from the 21st of the previous month to the 20th of this month for calculating the total money that the referrer will receive on the last day of this month*

  • The following bonus from the 21st will be recorded for the payment of the next month

Example: You refer X to a Senior Specialist Level (P3) position, if:

  • X passes final interview on 3/8 and onboards on 15/8, you will receive the bonus (1 mil + 4 mil) on 31/8

  • X passes final interview on 3/8 and onboards on 25/8, you will receive 1 mil on 31/8 and 4 mil on 30/9

  • X passes probation on 25/10, you will receive 5M on 30/11


Send referral CV to email:

With the subject: [Amanotes - ERP 2022] - Candidate name - Position

Don’t forget to include your (referrer) information in the email:

  • Full name

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Beneficiary account information for payment

  • Some information about the referee (Optional)

We are eagerly waiting for your referrals!

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