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Amanotes donated 30 laptops in response to Youth Month 2023

Amanotes donated 30 functional laptops to underprivileged areas in Ho Chi Minh City and DakLak provinces. This project aims to have a positive impact on digital transformation for those in need.

Amanotes partnered with The Youth Scientific and Technological Promotion Center, associated with the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City, to execute this initiative. This collaboration with a well-established organization that has a track record of successful community campaigns has helped spread the program's value to the needy more effectively. Moreover, this cooperation has also reduced the costs associated with transporting and repairing donated laptops.

Give away laptop, presenting
Amanotes' representative, Mr. Bruce Nguyen (far left), presenting 30 laptops for the program

30 laptops were distributed to two provinces, Krong Buk, Dak Lak Province through the program "old computers, new knowledge" (máy tính cũ, tri thức mới) and Ho Chi Minh City through the program "technology train" (chuyến xe công nghệ). This collaboration allowed the program to cater to diverse audiences and regions, expanding its reach and impact.

In Ho Chi Minh City, 20 laptops were donated to assist the team running the "technology train" program, which provides equipment to present information, impart knowledge, and offer training to students and residents. These laptops are essential tools that help individuals of all ages access information about the internet and the use of technology in their daily lives. The "technology train" program operates throughout the year and is organized based on the districts' registration in Ho Chi Minh City, with a particular focus on peak activities during the summer of 2023.

Students using laptops sponsored by Amanotes in the "Technology train"

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luan - Head of the Communication and External Relations Department, The Youth Scientific and Technological Promotion Center, which is associated with the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City said: “On behalf of the Communist Youth Union, we are incredibly thankful to Amanotes for partnering with us to provide 30 laptops that will facilitate activities to serve the people and children of the city and support underprivileged areas. Each laptop represents an opportunity for individuals to enhance their lives and connect with the world through technology. We aspire to collaborate with more businesses with the same approach to create value for the community."

Furthermore, the program will send the remaining 10 laptops to officials in underprivileged areas of Krong Buk, Dak Lak province, to enhance their work efficiency. It is noteworthy that laptops and computers in this region are outdated & slow, and connecting to the internet is challenging, which makes professional operations time-consuming and difficult. This initiative, operating under the "Old Computers, New Knowledge" program, aims to promote innovation and the application of technology to improve the quality of life in disadvantaged areas.

Local officials in Dak Lak using laptops sponsored by Amanotes to work

Mr. Bruce Nguyen - Amanotes Enterprise Information System Lead shared: “We at Amanotes are grateful for the opportunity to work with the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City to contribute to the community through this laptop donation project. This initiative represents Amanotes' goodwill in giving back and creating value for the community using technology.”

Amanotes has been working hard to contribute more to the development of the community. In addition to this laptop donation, in 2022, Amanotes also supported 23 deep freezers for the Health Ministry to preserve Covid 19 vaccines. At the same time, Amanotes also supported the social isolation period by opening Premium access for Vietnamese people to experience Magic Tiles 3 for free.

Amanotes donated 23 deep freezers to the Health Ministry in 2021

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