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Amanotes Celebrates Women Who Thrive to Break The Bias

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day 2022 is to #BreakTheBias — to build a more inclusive world without stereotypes, biases, or discrimination.

At Amanotes we embrace the diversity of genders and try our best to deliver the working environment where people are empowered to become their best selves. To honor and celebrate International Women’s Month, we ask to listen to our lovely female teammates’ opinions about:

"Can you tell us a little bit about your experience working in Music Tech industry? This year the International women’s day theme is #BreakTheBias. What is the bias you want to fight?"

And here are their inspiring and motivating stories:

Linda - Chief of Strategy

In my role as Chief Strategy Officer at Amanotes, I wear multiple hats, delightedly. Here I am not only a dedicated team member of a driven and highly ambitious Amanoter family but also a full-time music and game lover. Music Tech industry is an exciting ever-growing industry. It’s full of opportunities. I came back to Vietnam after years abroad and am very proud to work for one of the pioneers in this space from our region.

It’s already a universal fact that female Tech leaders are scarce, and even more so for a company known to have started in Game industry. But if you ever visit our office, you'll see it's obvious that Amanotes has done a good job in bringing more female talents in and up. Half of our C-suite team is female and many of our middle managers are female as well, leading everything from Data to Monetization! Cheers to that. I hope and will do my best to see more companies in High Tech, especially those in traditionally male-dominated industries #BreaktheBias and welcome more substantial contributions from women to the development of technology and innovation.

Zoey - Monetization Specialist

I'm a Monetization Specialist. Amanotes gave me a chance to gain an in-depth understanding of the Music and Games Industry. Immersing in daily diversified music experience inspires me to drive excellent results.

I would like to speak out of the "pregnancy discrimination" which is often biased against women. This type of bias leads to the situation that women are being seen as not fully committed to a company, not capable of contributing and well-managing their tasks. Pregnancy or Martial decisions shouldn't affect the position that female workers take and it is needed to build a safe, fair environment for all parents, fathers included.

Ly - Reward Specialist

Working in an industry that moves so fast can sometimes be overwhelming. You need to balance between the urge of chasing the market trend to attract, motivate and retain talents and the need of staying stable and sustainable with your Company's long-term strategy. But it's worth after all.

I want to #BreakTheBias that women are in charge of all the house chores.

Thi - Data Analyst Lead

I have worked at Amanotes for 3 years as a part of Data team. Here we build data system and make sure of high data quality: accurate and stable, and help businesses to make better decisions by analyzing data, running AB tests, building prediction models… The experience at Amanotes so far has been a wonderful journey!

I want to #BreakTheBias of the stereotypes that high maintenance and intelligence don't go together. If you have some achievements that are considered impressive at your age, and you are “high-maintenance”, then it must be your look, not your talent, that leads to your success. Stereotypes have lasted for hundreds, thousands of years for a reason, and there is no point in forcing people to change their belief systems. Instead of hating and fighting against it, we can accept it as a part of normal life and find a way to thrive from it. I want to live my life to this fullest, to help people and especially women to see that it’s possible: You can have both, you don’t have to choose!

Trang - Chief Account

Study and Study. Learning important skills and concepts related to the Music Tech industry Try to learn about how Tech is implemented inside the company, and how music can develop and harmony with this industry in this amazing way.

I want to #BreakTheBias that accounting job is a monotonous and stable job. As automation and technology continue to drive changing business models, the role of accountants and auditors also needs to rapidly evolve and adapt. When you work with a company with big data, you can not process your accounting job the same way processing for traditional business.

Thu - Software Engineer

I'm a software engineer at Amanotes with a mission to build and develop The Ecosystem for everyone to Play, Learn, Create and Connect through music. Our core value is music, so I enjoy working with talented and artist colleagues.

I #BreakTheBias to bravely share what I think and do is definitely what I love. Hopefully, I can spread this spirit to every woman in the world so that they can strongly pursue their dreams.

Nancy - User Acquisition Specialist

Working in the Music Tech industry is just awesome! I'm always inspired by the people around me with their musical talent

I want to #BreakTheBias of Implicit Age Bias. Ageism does not only affect individuals, it has far-reaching consequences

We are proud to be part of this meaningful campaign to #BreakTheBias in workplaces and communities.


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