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Office Happiness, the key to AMAzing working environment

At Amanotes, all departments and functions have their unique charms. Today, we want to introduce a special team under the People department, the Office Happiness Team.

Let's meet the Amanotes Office Happiness team to revisit amazing things have they done to keep Amanoters stay connected during quarantine time.

What is OH? What does OH do?

OH stands for Office Happiness. It is an evolution of the traditional Human Resources, in particular, It’s all about human-centric, happiness-driven corporate culture.

Our mission is to ensure that Amanoters, whether in office or remotely, are able to be the best versions of themselves by removing friction and enabling members to thrive in their work lives.

Office Happiness means we take care of the well-being of every teammate - both physical and mental. We strongly believe that a happy and healthy team is an essential ingredient to innovate AMAzing work.

What are the amazing things that Office Happiness has brought to Amanotes?

Although it’s not easy to bring the best office-like working environment to our members during the social distancing, we built a lively remote work culture that emphasizes regular personal interaction. We launched a series of activities called WE MUSIC - WE PLAY - WE CARE - WE LEARN. We want individual Amanoters to feel valued and noticed, thereby driving that sense of belonging that is central to employee happiness, and ultimately productivity.

  • WE MUSIC: showcase musical talents through Virtual Music Night or Music School.

  • WE PLAY: throughout Happy Hour activities with a variety of themes and prize games - bringing entertainment and weekend get-togethers for everyone.

  • WE CARE: gifts every month with different themes

    • July: Care box with medical tools

    • August: Fruit box with nutritious fruits

    • September:: Moon box with moon cakes

  • WE LEARN: Coordinating with the Learning & Development team, we've introduced a series of internal workshops for our Amanoters to develop professionally and share their valuable insights with each other.

Along with the series of activities, we have Weekly Newsletter with useful information from the government, information on internal Amanotes events & many tips to overcome the pandemic together.

What do you feel is the most striking difference of the working culture at Amanotes that makes it stand out from other companies?

The first one is our Flexible culture that supports versatile working styles through flexible working hours, free dress codes, etc. Second is Ownership by giving employees rights and encouraging employees to take ownership of work. Third is Learning & Development opportunities that care about the individual development of each member. Last but not least, it is Music culture. Music is always present around each member's life. All activities are associated with music and the opportunity to freely show talent and passion for music.

What would you say to motivate who are and will be applying to Amanotes?

If you are looking for a place that not only helps you grow but also fulfills your passion for music, don't miss an opportunity from Amanotes!

Work hard, play hard and discover your talents. JOIN AMANOTES!

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