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Dunk n Beat: from prototype to hit game

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Dunk n Beat has been the latest game published globally by Amanotes and its partner Teo Entertainment. This article will walk you through how the game was created, improved, and launched to reach the Top 2 in the US charts last month.

The genesis of Dunk n Beat

Teo Entertainment had already worked with Amanotes on various titles such as Dancing Helix and wanted to develop a new musical concept from scratch. Inspired by past hits such as Dunk Hit (Voodoo) or Dunk Hoop (Ketchapp), our team provided Teo Entertainment with a detailed concept of Dunk n Beat based on a recurrent analysis of the top 100 best-performing games.

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Testing and adjusting prototypes

On the first test, the prototype retention reached 32% R1 (retention day 1) and 5% R7 (retention day7). While the retention seemed quite fragile, the other metrics, especially the marketability showed great potential. Digging deeper, we noticed that the FTUE (First Time user experience) metrics were not good. A lot of users died on the first play session and left the game after a few trials.

Our first step was to design an easier tutorial and adjust the control to reduce the player mistakes that would lead to an unexpected failure. We also added a tutorial pop-up at the beginning of each song. The final touch was to analyze the structure of the beats for which the players died the most often to rework the ball generation rules.

Publishing a hit game!

After 3 iterations, combined with the work of our marketing team who managed to increase and ensure scalability, Dunk n Beat managed to reach 46% R1 and over 10% R7.

After the launch, we kept on working very closely with Teo Entertainment to keep the game in the charts, optimizing the game performances and monetization with innovative features: “Play your own songs”, a new reward system, new top songs, and more in-game content.

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