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Amanotes in partnership with Spinning Record to level up music experience

We grandly introduce our partnership with Spinning Records to bring you the most marvelous playing experience in our games. Since the partnership, over 400 songs from the Spinnin’ Records catalog have been licensed and available in all our apps like Magic Tiles, Tiles Hop, Dancing Road, etc.,

Why Spinnin’ Records?

Spinnin' Records Headquartered in the Netherlands is the world-leading music label in dance industry. The label has a dedicated online fan base of more than 26 million followers on social media. They contributed and kickstarted the successful career of such many global famous artists as Afrojack, Martin Garrix, Bingo Players, Kris Kross Amsterdam, Sam Feldt, etc.,

What’s hot here?

Currently, our cooperation has created buzz and led the trend with 2 hits:

The first one was the worldwide hit ‘2 Phut Hon’ by Phao, who explained why this partnership was so important to her in this interview. Phao’s track was available during February and March of 2021 within the three different games, and in only two months, it gained even more popularity on YouTube with over 26 million views on user-generated content.

The second hit to be added to the deal was Squid Kids – Red Light, Green Light during November 2021. The song featured in two games: Tiles Hop and Magic Tiles 3, was played nearly 40 million times in the games, which resulted in 2,9 million views on user-generated content on YouTube!

Play away:

  • 2 Phut Hon in our top 1 app Magic Tiles 3: Link

  • Squid Kids – Red Light, Green Light in our top game Magic Tiles 3: Link

Want to be a part of the team? JOIN US:

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