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Amanotes’ CEO – Mr. Vo Tuan Binh Had A Short Speech On The “Start-Up Nation”

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Last Monday, our CEO – Mr. Vo Tuan Binh had an exciting conversation on the national television broadcaster of Vietnam in the “Start-Up Nation” program about Amanotes’ business and other hot news.

“Start-Up Nation” is the place that the successful and famous entrepreneurs in Vietnam will share their start-up stories. They will make the observation on the business models, start-up ideas. They may praise or condemn the start-up entrepreneurs and even pour money into companies that have excellent business ideas.

This will be the rendezvous for the young entrepreneurs for sharing their business ideas and brand new business models. Besides that, they will comment on the business model trend around the world. All of this will make an entrepreneurial ecosystem on Vietnam television.

Credit: Quốc Gia Khởi Nghiệp VTV1

In this episode, CEO Vo Tuan Binh shared and commented on:

  • Amanotes’ business ideas

  • The way he and his partners established Amanotes in Singapore

  • The facilitates of Singapore for Start-ups

  • The problem of brain drain in Vietnam and solutions

For more details, please visit this Youtube link: to watch the full conversation!

Subscribe to our Youtube right here: for more videos.

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